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Unleash the power of Employee Social Recognition
admin | June 5th, 2017, 9:02 am

Anthony Jay Robbins, the motivational coach designs programs that help people overcome their limits and beliefs which curtail their progress to become a stronger, more resourceful and a more powerful person. It’s an important lesson for individuals both in their professional and personal lives to actually look within to find the will to win, to overcome road blocks and be successful in their endeavors.

But how does an organization transform itself from the tortoise to the tiger? The answer lies in inward thinking: Investing in people who are the lungs of the business, who have the zeal and the drive towards personal growth. Align their requirements with your business goals. A perfect match. It’s the people who work for you with all their heart makes all the difference in your balance sheet. Period.

Inspired employees has the power to lift an entire organization to new heights with what outwardly appear to be simple gestures of appreciation. A simple smile, a handshake with a simultaneous “great job on the project”, a moment to stop by someone’s cubicle and ask how their son’s doing, all propel people to continue to charge the hill. The lack of human touch or an acknowledgement can set an irreversible downward trend.

Such is the power of social recognition. A simple employee recognition tool can turn the tables for you. It brings in the much needed oxygen to the floor that motivates people to collaborate and create a win-win workplace. Being appreciated for the good work as against being taken for granted boosts morale and self-esteem. Empowers him to do better and better at his otherwise mundane job. This is where BRAVO can help in organizational setting. Check out to know more.

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Unleash the power of Employee Social Recognition
Anthony Jay Robbins, the motivational coach designs programs that help people overcome their limits view more
June 5th, 2017, 9:02 am