Power to the people with Bravo
Bravo is a Employee Social recognition solution which enable employees to appreciate contributions and valued work from their peers.
Bravo can help:
  • Employees get visibility across company on their accomplishments
  • Improve work culture dramatically
  • Drive employee engagement building a collaborative team environment
  • Management identify the right talent
  • Reduce attrition and retain your star performers
  • Boost revenue
  • Increased customer satisfaction
Big Benefits with Bravo
of companies that use peer-to-peer ecognition have seen positive increases in customer satisfaction
Lower voluntary turnover at companies with recognition programs that are highly effective at improving employee engagement
Of employees believe being thanked by managers not only improved their relationship but also built trust with their higher-ups
Transform company culture, boost revenues...
Improved Engagement, better productivity, increased efficiency are the key ingredients for a company to be progressive.
Recognition and acknowledgement for the employees be it by peers or superiors acts as a catalyst to propel people put more hard work and valued work.
Bravo provides one stop social recognition solution for employees as well as for management for better employee engagement.
Clients and Partners
  • icon L&T
  • icon Azta
  • icon Valuable
  •  icon Microsoft
Bravo provides answers to critical questions
  • A Contextual User Centric Interface for Employees
  • Power BI based dashboard for Visibility and actionable insight across the organisation
  • Sentiment Analysis based on Machine Learning data churn
  • Screen Saver showcasing employees in SPOT LIGHT trending with higher Bravo Points.
  • Helps in developing Retention policies
It Works on
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
  • Microsoft SharePoint for Intranet
  • Microsoft Power BI for Dash boarding
  • iOS and Android
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